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Posts from 2010

last week for ‘decode’ at the v&a

Decode Digital Design Sensations

call for papers

Colour&Light in Architecture International Conference Call for Papers

Colour and Light in Architecture is an international two-day scientific conference for those interested in the history, human effects and design of colour and light (natural and artificial) on the built environment. It approaches the themes in their broadest sense, including aesthetics, psychology, history, design, physics, sustainability, emotions, performance and communication.

The conference is held in Venice, Italy on the 11th – 12th November and the goal is to bring together a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary group of researchers and designers working in this domain so they can meet, share experiences, present research, and exchange ideas.

The conference themes are focused on:

- History, Culture, Aesthetics and Representation of Colour&Light

- Colour&Light Design between Theory and Praxis

- New Technologies for Colour&Light

Call for papers deadline: 30 April 2010

The initial submission format is extended abstract of up to 1000 characters, including spaces in Word (doc for Windows) format and in pdf (for Adobe Acrobat) format (download abstract format here).

Based on blind peer reviews, the papers may be accepted, conditionally accepted, or rejected. Authors of accepted and conditionally accepted papers will be invited to submit their full papers (max 20.000 characters spaces included). The format is available on the Full paper page.

For more information, please visit;

urban video project, syracuse, new york

April 1st 2010 – April 30th 2010

For the month of April, YouTube video triptych, ‘Several Interruptions’ will be projected onto the side of a high-rise building in downtown Syracuse, New York.

Several Interruptions, which collages together online videos in which people are seen holding their breath underwater, is both interruption (as its name suggests) as well as documentary, in which the seemingly mundane and numerous has been made back into something unique and original

Thomson & Craighead have personally chosen, from some 61,000 possible files on YouTube, videos which they have edited together into brief vignettes which interrupt each other sequentially (in time) and laterally (on-screen)

Several Interruptions was made for the Arts Council of England for the relaunch of their website in 2009

To view the streaming version of, ‘Several Interruptions’ see:

luminale – lighting culture biennale

Now in its 5th year, Lighting Culture Biennale will take place from April 11th to 16th alongside the world's leading Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt RheinMain. Around 150 light events are being prepared by a combination of leading artists, designers, performance and visual artists, VJs & DJs, architects and engineers with the topic for Luminale 2010 being “Light + Sound, Light + Media, Light + E-Motion”

Highlights of the festival include;

Light+Media installation in the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History, in the immediate vicinity of the trade fair grounds

‘Stadtlichtung' (City Light Glade) in the botanical gardens

Palmengarten, a joint project between the Palmengarten and the Offenbach Academy of Art and Design

the ‘Luces' exhibition – Light Art from Italy in the Archaeological Museum

the illumination of the main Frankfurt railway station

the ‘Hive' project near the Alte Oper concert hall

‘Light Sketches' near the Literaturhaus

‘Light.Anamorphoses' at the Hauptwache

the PlusEnergieHaus at Rathenauplatz

the Pavillon by designer Mario Nanni at Roßmarkt

the interactive light installation ‘Heavy-Medium-Light'

by Kehres & Hungerer at the Kunstverein Familie Montez art gallery

Numerous guided tours on sustainable building (Klimatours) and thematic city tours reveal the Luminale nights. Boat tours through the illuminated river Main area (Eiserner Steg) are also part of the programme as well as a varied symposium and lecture series.

For more information, please visit;

bkkc tilburg exhibition features caszuidas work

BKKC Tilburg, an exhibition about cultural and artistic use of LED technology in public space features a number of CASZUIDAS commissioned works

Next to the three CASZUIDAS commissioned works by SEMA BEKIROVIC, JOHN WOOD/PAUL HARRISON and ROEL WOUTERS/LUNA MAURER, works and projects are shown by Giny Vos, Martin & Inge Riebeek, Geert Mul, René van Engelenburg and Gerald van der Kaap, as well as a selection of The One Minutes.

12 March – 22 April 2010

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 13.00 – 17.00 hrs.

For more information see;

new book on designing for 3D media facades

New book out: Chromatophoric Architecture – Designing for 3D Media facades

Based on the concept that future facades will become three-dimensional displays.

A “voxel” (“volumetric” + “pixel”) is the three-dimensional equivalent of a pixel, and one of the most important developments in design technology. Where spatial designs were previously constrained by the physical attributes of construction materials, voxel displays enable surface attributes such as dynamic relief, multilayered surface, decay function, privileged perspective, movement and speed and design process.

‘Chromatophoric Architecture’ discusses how light points are created that define space and allow surface attributes such as dynamic relief, multilayered surface, decay function, privileged perspective, movement and speed and design process. By utilizing examples of contemporary projects, the book presents recent developments of three-dimensional display technology, showing its significance for our understanding of space and architecture. Available through Amazon and various bookstores.

streaming museum ‘poetics of code’

15th March – 15th May 2010
Streaming Museum has opened “The Poetics of Code” with “HD Traffic” by John F. Simon, Jr, and “Lagoglyphs” by Eduardo Kac. Code lies at the core of both works as method and meaning. In HD Traffic, Simon built with software code an architectural Mondrian-inspired work designed to integrate real-time traffic data flow. Kac's series of lagoglyphs in diverse artforms, reference and expand upon his controversial genetically altered Alba the GFP Bunny 2000. The real-time animations, flowing and reconfiguring themselves, place emphasis on the generative mutability of writing and the encoded nature of life.

The exhibition will be on view on and throughout the museum’s pubic space network including Federation Square, Melbourne; 17 BBC screens throughout the UK; Cocor MediaChannel, Bucharest; Argentine scientific bases in Antarctica; Art Center Nabi, Seoul; Utsikten Kunstenter, Kvinesdal, Norway, and other locations.

For more information please visit;

digital graffiti workshops

Signal is Melbourne's first arts studio dedicated to people aged 13 to 20 interested in a wide range of art forms. As well as a creative workshop space, multi purpose space and a computer hub, the building features projective switching glass windows that turn the building into a multimedia façade at night

Signal Graffiti is a series of one-day street art/graffiti workshops for young people (13-20yrs) that combines live spray painting on mobile wall panels with the latest digital tagging technology.

Established street artists work to develop painting and design skills and push graffiti into new arenas, creating hybrid graffiti and street art pieces with the finished spray and digital pieces broadcast on the Signal Screens each night following the workshop.

Contact Signal to register for a workshop, or drop by on the day to watch the artists in action.

Dates: March 30th, 31st, April 1st from 2pm – 6:30pm

For ages 13-20 years, FREE
Registration (limited places). Contact Signal on (03) 9664 7900

Location: Flinders Walk, Northbank, Melbourne VIC 3001
Behind Flinders St Station towards Sandridge Bridge

‘paris street view’ by michael wolf in amsterdam

Gustav Mahlerplein and Claude Debussylaan, CASZUIDAS urban screen, Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Communication Agency Vandejong and Virtueel Museum Zuidas present a special outdoor exhibition in Amsterdam by the internationally renowned photographer Michael Wolf.

Paris Street View is an exhibition of 24 large-format works showing on the streets of the Zuidas at Zuidplein from March 12 to April 10, 2010.

Wolfs work is primarily concerned with anthropological issues and urban living. Contemporary visual culture such as population density, privacy and voyeurism are recurrent themes. Paris Street View deals with the cultural identity of Paris and with the aid of Google Street View technology, Wolf investigates the concept of representation and symbolism. By using pixelated images from the internet, he breaks through Paris' nearly universally recognisable photographic iconography and suggests a new way of reading the city. By cropping out parts of images on Google Street View, ‘photos of photos' are created that shed a new light on a city in which nearly everything has already been photographed.

For more information about the artist; see

streaming museum hosts demos annual lecture

On March 15 at 18:30 GMT Amartya Sen, 1998 Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences for his work on welfare economics, delivers the Demos Annual Lecture for 2010.

He is currently the Thomas W. Lamont University Professor and Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Harvard University. Among his most influential books include, Development as Freedom (1998), Reason Before Identity (1999), Rationality and Freedom (2002), Identity and Violence (2006) and The Idea of Justice (2009).

You can view the lecture as part of the Streaming Museum Showcase at